Monday, February 6, 2017

Home stretch!

Well, I'd say this is quite the overdue adoption update. A lot has happened in our adoption and family since I posted an update over 3 years ago! I'll try to catch you up quickly...

We received a referral in August 2015 for a sweet baby boy and continue to wait to bring him home today. We have watched him grow through pictures from a wee little one into a toddler. Ever since we opened his file and saw him in August, we have prayed the Lord would protect him, keep him healthy, and surround him with love from his caretakers until he was in our arms. The Lord has answered our prayers! He is healthy, loved by his nannies, and he turns another year older this month. I feel like my emotions are all over the place. I'm so thankful he is growing well but am so sad that we continue to miss milestones with him.

 Good news! We are so close to traveling and bringing Cole home. We are waiting for one last positive letter that will grant us travel approval. We would love you to pray with us that we would receive our travel approval very soon and be able to go to Ethiopia to meet our boy. We are believing and trusting the Lord that we will have all 4 boys together soon! The Lord has been our rock and has sustained us during this almost 4 year wait. We are thankful for what He has taught us and continues to show us through this whole process.

Thank you for praying on our behalf. Thank you for supporting us and encouraging us along the way! We are ever so grateful for the way so many people have loved our family over the last years. I am hopeful the next update will be to let you know we are boarding a plane to go get our boy!

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